Cost of Website Design for Small Business

Did you know that a professionally built website will help you promote your business? Now you may be wondering how this will help you. This will help you get maximum reach and customers for your business as we are stepping into the world of digitization, where most of the things have already been digitized. People no longer bother to search for their desired products physically; they rather find it easy to search for them online. 

For example, if you are good at baking and want to turn your talent into a business, what will you do? You would rather open a pastry shop, this will bring you some customers, most probably from your area, but the point is how you will promote your business outside your area? If you create a website with a professional website designer’s help, you can reach a maximum number of customers around your target area within no time.

Now, the problem is among so many website designers, how will you choose the best one? The best way to find your designer online. You can google “website designers near me”, “local website designers near me”, “freelance website designer”, “professional website designer” and if you are thinking of building an e-commerce shop, you can search for “e-commerce website designers near me”. After that, you have a list of designers; you can check their reviews to find the best one. 

The next thing that may bother you is the cost of your website. You must be worried about how much you need to pay your designer to create the best website that tells everything about your business. To this end, certain things should be kept in mind while you place an order for your website. 

Cost of setting up a website depends on the following factors:

  • The design and complexity of your website
  • The type of content you want to place on your website.
  • The nature of your website (either you like it static or dynamic).
  • The timing of delivery.

The above are the 4 main factors that will affect your website’s cost, so you need to be very clear about your content and design. If you choose a more complex layout, it will not only increase your expenses but also make it complicated for visitors to understand what you are selling. Similarly, your content needs to be such that it speaks directly to your customers and tells them what you are selling (either products or services). These days contents need to be keyword and seo friendly so that you get organic search from google and customers will be able to reach to you very fast. Hence this is very important that your content is written well and follows minimum word count what google loves.

Most of the time, designers will give you the wrong advice on design and content. But if you want a real opinion and professional look for your website that attracts your customers and helps them with conversions, you need to try our services. We don’t say we are the best; our work will tell you that we are the most professional yet punctual website designers for your website. Also, we put the client’s needs first and discuss their requirements. We do not impose our opinion but give suggestions, and our tips are worth applying. So are you ready to try our services? Reach us, and we will help you out. 

The other factor which effects the website prize is the nature of your website. By this I mean how the website is going to act like, for eg. do you want customers to interact with your website or you simple want to show some static pictures and texts for them to read.

If you need customers to interact with your website, then you will need dynamic website, one example of dynamic website is, when your website takes information from the user and process the data and displays it on the website itself.

Very small example is the UK gov HMRC website for eg. Where you put your info and then it gets processed and displays you the data you are looking for.

What’s happening here is the information which you as a user puts gets into the back end database of the website and finds the relevant info and displays. You can see it’s easier as a user or customer to thing but as a developer there are work involved in this process, hence the charges get accumulated. So make sure you only include what you need.

Whereas on the other hand static website is what displays information which is already on web page and doesn’t require, any data validation or processing as it simply displays same information for everyone to read, in other words does not take any user input.

Cost for static website is always lower than dynamic.

Last factor which depends on are the time of delivery. It’s always important that you give enough time to the developer to make your website. As rushing things will often result in bad content.

Also make sure developer does not take more time in doing task, it’s always difficult to judge but the best methods we follow is milestone rule.

In the milestone rule, you ask the developer, to spread out the total work in milestones, for eg, if I need to develop a 5 page website, as a developer I would layout my milestone as the following:

Milestone 1: Home page completion

Expected finish date: 3 days

Output: entire home page will be competed with header, body and footer

Milestone 2: About us page completion

Expected finish date: 2 days

Output: entire about us page will be competed with the contents and pictures agreed

Milestone 3: Services page

Expected finish date: 2 days

Output: entire services page will be competed with the contents and pictures agreed.

Milestone 4: contact us page

Expected finish date: 2 days

Output: entire contact us page will be completed with the contents and pictures agreed

This completes the website process in 9 days.

Can you see the benefits of having milestones?

Main advantage is you can track the progress and also you get small outputs which you can measure form the developer.

Rather you give entire 2 weeks for the project to compete and don’t have a track.

Now if you want this 9 days website to finish in 5 days then the cost would go up, as the developer needs to put more hours on your project.

By now I am sure you understood the main process involved in cost or at least we cost it up.

We always had better results by following this method and customers having trust and confidence in us.


To answer how much does it cost to hire someone to build a website , we should wrap up with all the points we discussed so far, I would say those 4 major factors which decides the cost of your website design are design layout, content, website nature and time of delivery. Of course there are other factors which involves which other web designers charge for, but these are websitedesignlondon cost your website.

Please also note that, hosting and domain prices are not included usually.

Any thoughts or questions please comment it out.

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