Looking To Build A Competition Website?

Looking To Build A Competition Website? 

Are you a brand owner who follows the trend in the tech world? 

Or a business owner who needs to build a competition website design to promote your market? 

Have you heard of website designer London? 

If you are saying yes to these questions, then you are reading the right article. 

Things are changing in the world of technology, and it’s only those who can swim with the tide that can get the best out of it. 

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What is a Competition Website? 

Simply put, a competition website is a site that is designed to promote your brand and your high-risk business. It is designed to generate traffic by doing some contests or competitions, including a giveaway or prizes on your website. 

It’s mostly called a raffle website; this is so because you can engage in on the said website. 

A raffle/competition website business can be broken down into three segments, which are: 

  • Creation of brands, 
  • A purposeful built websites competition that’s capable of adding competition and also limiting entries,
  • Growing your social media for traffic at a cheaper rate. 

As rivalry is on the rise in this sector, you should find your desired niche and base your brands around the niche to make your brand unique. 

Building a fascinating competition /raffle website is the key to enjoy the best in this sector. Hence, if you are looking to build a competition website or a raffle website, you have found it difficult to get a trustworthy organization to build one for you, or you don’t even know about any competition website design company, then welcome on board. 

I’m glad to inform you about the website designer London. At website designer London we are specialists in helping businesses and brands build competition-style websites right from scratch through to the finish line keeping the journey for you stress-free, which means you can get your car, tech, gaming competition website, or any other skill-based competition website up and running.

We are your go-to plug when it comes to building the raffles/competition website design. There are many factors to consider when you want to build a competition website. Little lies in the hand of the competition website designer and more on you, the brand owner. 

This is because there are numerous factors to consider when building a raffle/competition website; however, most of the information will be gotten from you. We are the designers, and we won’t act like your legal team.

Hence, it’s of great importance that you know perfectly the business model you are venturing into. It is also up to you to check out the ‘terms and conditions’ and ‘privacy policies’ for your business. As a group, we do not look at that side of things apart from adapting to anything a brand asks of in setting up an account with them.

With this, you can be assured of a perfect traffic generating raffle /competition website from the best competition website designer in town. 

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Cost of Website Design for Small Business

Did you know that a professionally built website will help you promote your business? Now you may be wondering how this will help you. This will help you get maximum reach and customers for your business as we are stepping into the world of digitization, where most of the things have already been digitized. People no longer bother to search for their desired products physically; they rather find it easy to search for them online. 

For example, if you are good at baking and want to turn your talent into a business, what will you do? You would rather open a pastry shop, this will bring you some customers, most probably from your area, but the point is how you will promote your business outside your area? If you create a website with a professional website designer’s help, you can reach a maximum number of customers around your target area within no time.

Now, the problem is among so many website designers, how will you choose the best one? The best way to find your designer online. You can google “website designers near me”, “local website designers near me”, “freelance website designer”, “professional website designer” and if you are thinking of building an e-commerce shop, you can search for “e-commerce website designers near me”. After that, you have a list of designers; you can check their reviews to find the best one. 

The next thing that may bother you is the cost of your website. You must be worried about how much you need to pay your designer to create the best website that tells everything about your business. To this end, certain things should be kept in mind while you place an order for your website. 

Cost of setting up a website depends on the following factors:

  • The design and complexity of your website
  • The type of content you want to place on your website.
  • The nature of your website (either you like it static or dynamic).
  • The timing of delivery.

The above are the 4 main factors that will affect your website’s cost, so you need to be very clear about your content and design. If you choose a more complex layout, it will not only increase your expenses but also make it complicated for visitors to understand what you are selling. Similarly, your content needs to be such that it speaks directly to your customers and tells them what you are selling (either products or services). These days contents need to be keyword and seo friendly so that you get organic search from google and customers will be able to reach to you very fast. Hence this is very important that your content is written well and follows minimum word count what google loves.

Most of the time, designers will give you the wrong advice on design and content. But if you want a real opinion and professional look for your website that attracts your customers and helps them with conversions, you need to try our services. We don’t say we are the best; our work will tell you that we are the most professional yet punctual website designers for your website. Also, we put the client’s needs first and discuss their requirements. We do not impose our opinion but give suggestions, and our tips are worth applying. So are you ready to try our services? Reach us, and we will help you out. 

The other factor which effects the website prize is the nature of your website. By this I mean how the website is going to act like, for eg. do you want customers to interact with your website or you simple want to show some static pictures and texts for them to read.

If you need customers to interact with your website, then you will need dynamic website, one example of dynamic website is, when your website takes information from the user and process the data and displays it on the website itself.

Very small example is the UK gov HMRC website for eg. Where you put your info and then it gets processed and displays you the data you are looking for.

What’s happening here is the information which you as a user puts gets into the back end database of the website and finds the relevant info and displays. You can see it’s easier as a user or customer to thing but as a developer there are work involved in this process, hence the charges get accumulated. So make sure you only include what you need.

Whereas on the other hand static website is what displays information which is already on web page and doesn’t require, any data validation or processing as it simply displays same information for everyone to read, in other words does not take any user input.

Cost for static website is always lower than dynamic.

Last factor which depends on are the time of delivery. It’s always important that you give enough time to the developer to make your website. As rushing things will often result in bad content.

Also make sure developer does not take more time in doing task, it’s always difficult to judge but the best methods we follow is milestone rule.

In the milestone rule, you ask the developer, to spread out the total work in milestones, for eg, if I need to develop a 5 page website, as a developer I would layout my milestone as the following:

Milestone 1: Home page completion

Expected finish date: 3 days

Output: entire home page will be competed with header, body and footer

Milestone 2: About us page completion

Expected finish date: 2 days

Output: entire about us page will be competed with the contents and pictures agreed

Milestone 3: Services page

Expected finish date: 2 days

Output: entire services page will be competed with the contents and pictures agreed.

Milestone 4: contact us page

Expected finish date: 2 days

Output: entire contact us page will be completed with the contents and pictures agreed

This completes the website process in 9 days.

Can you see the benefits of having milestones?

Main advantage is you can track the progress and also you get small outputs which you can measure form the developer.

Rather you give entire 2 weeks for the project to compete and don’t have a track.

Now if you want this 9 days website to finish in 5 days then the cost would go up, as the developer needs to put more hours on your project.

By now I am sure you understood the main process involved in cost or at least we cost it up.

We always had better results by following this method and customers having trust and confidence in us.


To answer how much does it cost to hire someone to build a website , we should wrap up with all the points we discussed so far, I would say those 4 major factors which decides the cost of your website design are design layout, content, website nature and time of delivery. Of course there are other factors which involves which other web designers charge for, but these are websitedesignlondon cost your website.

Please also note that, hosting and domain prices are not included usually.

Any thoughts or questions please comment it out.

Lessons for Web App Designers

Lessons for Web App Designers Can Learn From Google

The online platform has become the most available place where you will find maximum customers. Almost the whole world is open online. You see this opportunity many companies have started their business and expanded it online. As their traffic increases, they are available to earn money a lot faster. Still, before starting the industry, you must have your company website have your application open so that your customers can reach you.

If you are going to start your business online, it is crucial to have your web page. Many people are unable to comprehend the pages, so your Web App Design must be simple but attractive. The people who are unable to use the technology you need to attract them. So, for them, it is essential that they can grasp your web app design.

How can Google help you?

Google is one of the biggest online platforms which is used worldwide. It is safe, and it also helps its users and business people to find a practical solution. You need to take inspiration from Google, its simple interface, attractive design, support system etc. manifests its users. It simple uses help millions of people to finish their work effectively. So, by seeing Google, you need to learn how to develop web app design so that it will not trouble any people who are unable to understand the different tools and functions of multiple web pages.

What should you focus on while designing a web app?

You must focus on the different components that will help you develop your Web App Design. You need to know for which company you are developing the app. The Web App Design for small businesses needs to be very simple and needs to have all the information that the customer should know. By seeing google, you need to learn how its simple ways have attracted people of different generations to use its apps. If you can replicate them, then you can give your customers a frictionless platform.

What are the different things that you need to incorporate in your web app design?

After you are well aware of the various ways google use for making and designing its different apps. You need to use this knowledge to build your custom app. The things that you need to incorporate in your web app design are:

  • You need to use simple language and language fonts that will help your users to understand what is written and use the app
  • You need to create simple navigation so that your users will not have any problem and they can play along with the app
  • You should provide your users with predictive research this will help them search their desired thing faster and save their time
  • You should let the users change the design of the app and also the tool functions so that they can use it with their convenience

Google is one of the leading companies, and the main reason is the user experience is much higher than any other company. All the people widely use all its products ranging search engines to different applications. Hence when you are designing solutions for the specific company, you should take inspirational and make the app usable for everyone.

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Tips for SEO Competitor Analysis

The Guide to SEO Competitor Analysis

The 21st century is a mark of new inventions and innovations. The online platform has proven to be the most used and available place where you can attract a large number of people. With the design of mobile phones and other technologies, a large number of people are readily available online where they can find almost everything. Therefore, it has become the most suitable platform where you can start your business. But with the growing number of companies, competition has increased a lot.

So, you need to find out the best way with which you can improve your online business and increase your website traffic. If you want to increase your sales and upgrade your business, then you need to use SEO Competitor Analysis. It is regarded as one of the most effective tools that will help you keep an eye on your competitor’s online improvement and their sales record.

Cheap Seo Service | Website Designer London
Seo Services for small businesses at low cost in London to grow your business.

What involves SEO competitor analysis?

SEO competitor analysis is invented to help you get knowledge about your competitors in the online market. It helps you to keep an eye on their webpages and their business development. It uses online media and researches your competitor’s links, contents, keywords, and using reverse engineering; it looks for your competitor’s works. Your SEO planning will help you get information and increase your company welfare.

Who can help you with SEO competitor analysis? 

Many people are unable to understand the technology and its uses in society. Many people cannot understand how to use SEO competitor analysis so that it can help booth their business to flourish and at the same time get to know about your competitors. You need to hire a person or an agency who can help explain your things in layman terms. There are many Affordable SEO Analysis Agency in the market whom you can borrow and get to know about the different ways to use SEO for your work.

What are the tips for SEO competitor analysis?

SEO competitor analysis is smart software, and it has many functions which will help you and your company to work increase your webpage efficiency and at the same time, increase traffic. There are a lot of Tips for SEO Competitor Analysis which are fruitful and will have a positive effect on your company and your products or services. Some of them are as follows:

  • It will help you find your competitors who use SEO competitor analysis. It will identify those companies and help know about your actual competitors in the online market.
  • It will help to analyse the various link gaps, and there is any problem having link gaps.
  • It will also use Google SERP analysis to tell about the new links that your competitors have opened and their business growth.

With the growing technology, you need to know about the different ways to use them and improve your life. This will not only increase your knowledge but at the same time, help in the growth of your company. You need to have a good team who can help you tackle the problems and improve your company to a better tomorrow.

Video On Your Website

Why Should You Use Video On Your Website?

The marketing strategies in the field of business are ever-evolving. Every business irrespective of its scale, age, and location must have a website. Having a well-designed web page not only marks your online presence, it actively helps to sustain and grow your business. If you do not have your business website yet, get one today. There are several agencies who understand the trends of the digital-market and deliver affordable web design for small business.

Why Videos Are Important For Your Website?

Whether you are going to set up your website in 2020, or simply want to upgrade your existing website to bring it on the same page with recent market standards, incorporating videos is a great move. General users are seen to devote shorter attention span online. For the same reason, they would prefer to watch a video rather than decode a lengthy text for information. This method of learning is enjoyable for the users and information is retained longer. Viewers get a positive impact when they come across relevant and helpful images and videos on the subject.

How To Use Them?

There are a few guidelines for producing the best variety of video contents. Webezy says, your videos must have good quality visuals as well as proper background audio. Poor quality of audio can hamper viewer’s impact of your contents. Visibility is another important factor. Make sure to use SEO strategies so that your presentations get found online. Keyword integration and distribution is also essential for exposure. If you can make calculated use, videos can significantly help your business grow.

Video On Your Website

Advantages Of Video Contents

Benefits of using videos on your website are numerous. Some of those are discussed below :

  • Makes Your Website Attractive

Videos are excellent for drawing the attention of the visitors. Since watching videos can convey a lot of information in an engaging way and that too within a short span of time. A study shows that individuals often choose to watch a video rather than reading a long text.

  • Tool For Promotion

Using videos on your web site can intrigue clients to visit. You can advertise your services and products through videos. Moreover, you can go on to highlight your features and work on your brand image. Thought-provoking and high-class video contents never fail to cease attention.

  • Informational Tool

If your contents are exciting to watch and also informative, they would probably get multiple watches. Audience prefers good, informative videos. If you make and post creative videos, your brand name will flourish. Moreover, you can use videos as your personal news feed, informing viewers about sales, products or upcoming events. Videos bring clarity and help to establish your website.

  • Entertainment Purposes

Videos can be used for entertainment purposes as well. An interesting video with a catchy soundtrack can relax the viewers and bring the fun. Such videos are often shared across social media as well.  

There are many positive aspects of using videos on your web site. Ask your team providing inexpensive website design for small business about incorporating video contents. With the right content and proper presentation, your business is bound to succeed.

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Create a Website by own

Detail Guide for Beginners to Create a Website

In 2020, the world of business has upgraded itself digitally. Every business of every scale features their products, services and details on the internet. Having a website can revolutionize your small business. There are numerous ways of an inexpensive website design for small business. If you wish to create your own business website, keep reading. The steps would walk you through the process of website creation. Even if you do not have any knowledge about web development, coding or design. Just the right resources and tools are enough. With these, you can get the job done from scratch.


Affordable web design for small business is simple, but there are a few certain requirements. These are:

  • Domain Name
  • Website Hosting
  • WordPress

The domain name is the custom web address of your website. Website Hosting refers to a service that hosts your website. Without both of these, you cannot set up your website. The domain name and web hosting make your website completely accessible to the world. You will also need a website platform. WordPress is one of the most popular web building platforms. Nearly 30% of the total websites on the internet use WordPress as their website building platform.

Affordable web design

How To Do It?

Let us walk through the step-by-step guide for creating the perfect website for your business. The process of setting up your business website is broken down and laid chronologically. Read them carefully.

Step 1: Choose Your Domain Name

The first thing you must have to create your website is a domain name. This domain name is your web address. The users would use this domain name to access your website through web browsers. Every web page has a unique address. You can choose anything for your domain name. The cost of domain names can vary from 10 to 50 dollars per year. The average price is around 15 dollars. Here are some additional tips while selecting your domain name :

  • It should match with your company name.
  • Generic domain name extensions like .com, .net, .org are great if you are expecting an international audience.
  • For targeted visitors from your goal country, go for extensions such as .de, .ru,  .fr etc.

Step 2: Get Web Hosting

Along with the domain name, you will also need web hosting. Web hosting service hosts and stores your data, that is, website files (contents) on a secured server which is always running. You can get web hosting services at reasonable prices.

The features of a good web hosting service are:

  • Free domain name with SSL.
  • Free one-click-install for WordPress.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Proper customer support.

Step3: Set Up Your WordPress Website

Use a website building platform such as WordPress to create your website. Most of the web hosts do this for you. Often WordPress install is located in the hosting panel. If the web host does not provide that, do it manually.

Step 4: Website Customization

You can now customize your website as per your requirements and add branding elements. Various small businesses create the best websites with professional and affordable website design services in London.

That easy it is to get your own active website and flourish your small business rapidly.

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4 Tips To Hire Best Website Designer

4 Best Tips for Hiring the Best Website Designer

Whenever it comes to your company you need to make sure that you are hiring the experts to help you with inexpensive website design for small business. There is plenty that you are going to want to consider when you are looking at the experts and companies that can help you, including the services they have, the cost and much more. Keep reading on so that you can find more of the top tips that will help you to find the right experts for all of your needs.

Tips for Hiring the Best Website Designer

Finding the best and low cost website design London expert might not always be the easiest task, but if you know some tips it can make it better. Some of these tips includes:

• Price – You should always ensure that you are getting a few estimates so that you can find the most affordable website design London for your needs. Before you do that you need to have a budget set aside for this so that you know just what you can afford to spend.

• Portfolio – You also need to check out the portfolio of the affordable web design for small businesses experts that you are looking at. The more you check the portfolios out and some of their earlier work, then you can see if they can give you what you are looking for.

• Experience – Another thing that you need to consider is the experience level of the cheap web designers London that you are looking at. Find out how long they have been doing this work and what other work they have done for clients and what they have created.

• Services – The final factor that you need to consider when you are checking out the affordable website design packages are the services that are offered. Mae sure that you are finding out what type of services they have to offer and what is included in each of the plans that you are being offered.

Ensure that you are thinking about all of these factors when you are looking for an expert to help create your page for your company. The more you think about these factors, then the easier it can be for you to make your decision.

Go ahead and check out all of the options for a cheap website design London and you should know some of the factors to consider. You are going to want to know about how much they are going to charge you for this work along with what type of projects they have worked on earlier. Also, you should check out their experience level in different industries and sectors and even find out what types of services they might offer in their plans.