Video On Your Website

Why Should You Use Video On Your Website?

The marketing strategies in the field of business are ever-evolving. Every business irrespective of its scale, age, and location must have a website. Having a well-designed web page not only marks your online presence, it actively helps to sustain and grow your business. If you do not have your business website yet, get one today. There are several agencies who understand the trends of the digital-market and deliver affordable web design for small business.

Why Videos Are Important For Your Website?

Whether you are going to set up your website in 2020, or simply want to upgrade your existing website to bring it on the same page with recent market standards, incorporating videos is a great move. General users are seen to devote shorter attention span online. For the same reason, they would prefer to watch a video rather than decode a lengthy text for information. This method of learning is enjoyable for the users and information is retained longer. Viewers get a positive impact when they come across relevant and helpful images and videos on the subject.

How To Use Them?

There are a few guidelines for producing the best variety of video contents. Webezy says, your videos must have good quality visuals as well as proper background audio. Poor quality of audio can hamper viewer’s impact of your contents. Visibility is another important factor. Make sure to use SEO strategies so that your presentations get found online. Keyword integration and distribution is also essential for exposure. If you can make calculated use, videos can significantly help your business grow.

Video On Your Website

Advantages Of Video Contents

Benefits of using videos on your website are numerous. Some of those are discussed below :

  • Makes Your Website Attractive

Videos are excellent for drawing the attention of the visitors. Since watching videos can convey a lot of information in an engaging way and that too within a short span of time. A study shows that individuals often choose to watch a video rather than reading a long text.

  • Tool For Promotion

Using videos on your web site can intrigue clients to visit. You can advertise your services and products through videos. Moreover, you can go on to highlight your features and work on your brand image. Thought-provoking and high-class video contents never fail to cease attention.

  • Informational Tool

If your contents are exciting to watch and also informative, they would probably get multiple watches. Audience prefers good, informative videos. If you make and post creative videos, your brand name will flourish. Moreover, you can use videos as your personal news feed, informing viewers about sales, products or upcoming events. Videos bring clarity and help to establish your website.

  • Entertainment Purposes

Videos can be used for entertainment purposes as well. An interesting video with a catchy soundtrack can relax the viewers and bring the fun. Such videos are often shared across social media as well.  

There are many positive aspects of using videos on your web site. Ask your team providing inexpensive website design for small business about incorporating video contents. With the right content and proper presentation, your business is bound to succeed.

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Create a Website by own

Detail Guide for Beginners to Create a Website

In 2020, the world of business has upgraded itself digitally. Every business of every scale features their products, services and details on the internet. Having a website can revolutionize your small business. There are numerous ways of an inexpensive website design for small business. If you wish to create your own business website, keep reading. The steps would walk you through the process of website creation. Even if you do not have any knowledge about web development, coding or design. Just the right resources and tools are enough. With these, you can get the job done from scratch.


Affordable web design for small business is simple, but there are a few certain requirements. These are:

  • Domain Name
  • Website Hosting
  • WordPress

The domain name is the custom web address of your website. Website Hosting refers to a service that hosts your website. Without both of these, you cannot set up your website. The domain name and web hosting make your website completely accessible to the world. You will also need a website platform. WordPress is one of the most popular web building platforms. Nearly 30% of the total websites on the internet use WordPress as their website building platform.

Affordable web design

How To Do It?

Let us walk through the step-by-step guide for creating the perfect website for your business. The process of setting up your business website is broken down and laid chronologically. Read them carefully.

Step 1: Choose Your Domain Name

The first thing you must have to create your website is a domain name. This domain name is your web address. The users would use this domain name to access your website through web browsers. Every web page has a unique address. You can choose anything for your domain name. The cost of domain names can vary from 10 to 50 dollars per year. The average price is around 15 dollars. Here are some additional tips while selecting your domain name :

  • It should match with your company name.
  • Generic domain name extensions like .com, .net, .org are great if you are expecting an international audience.
  • For targeted visitors from your goal country, go for extensions such as .de, .ru,  .fr etc.

Step 2: Get Web Hosting

Along with the domain name, you will also need web hosting. Web hosting service hosts and stores your data, that is, website files (contents) on a secured server which is always running. You can get web hosting services at reasonable prices.

The features of a good web hosting service are:

  • Free domain name with SSL.
  • Free one-click-install for WordPress.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Proper customer support.

Step3: Set Up Your WordPress Website

Use a website building platform such as WordPress to create your website. Most of the web hosts do this for you. Often WordPress install is located in the hosting panel. If the web host does not provide that, do it manually.

Step 4: Website Customization

You can now customize your website as per your requirements and add branding elements. Various small businesses create the best websites with professional and affordable website design services in London.

That easy it is to get your own active website and flourish your small business rapidly.

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